Cessna 206 - Parachute Gatineau-Ottawa Skydive

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Parachute GO Skydive is one of the only skydiving schools in the country that operates Canadian registered aircrafts. Your jump here encourages the Canadian economy rather than the US economy where most of the aircraft in our industry are rented for the summer. To ensure that we always meet the most stringent Transport Canada standards, we invest heavily every year to ensure preventive maintenance for our aircrafts. This ensures that we always offer you a quality and safe service in skydiving.

Our fleet of aircrafts allows you to fly away in peace on board of a safe aircraft !

Cessna 206 - Parachute Gatineau-Ottawa Skydive

Cessna Grand Caravan C-GOXL (C-208B)

The Cessna Caravan is one of the most popular aircraft. FedEx is the world’s largest customer of this device. The registration of GOXL makes reference to the locations where this aircraft is operated, GO for Gatineau Ottawa and XL, as it is the largest aircraft in the fleet up to date.

  • Capacity of 18 jumpers
  • 1 turbine engine of 675 forces
  • Up to 13 000 feet in 15 minutes
  • Maximum take-off weight of 8,785 pounds
Cessna 206 - Parachute Gatineau-Ottawa Skydive

Cessna 206 C-GFBE

The Cessna 206 is a versatile aircraft that can take off with a smaller number of parachutists, 6 jumpers. It allows to send you in the air in privacy during the less busy days of week.

  • Capacity for 6 jumpers
  • 1 265 force piston motors
  • Up tp 11,500 feet in 20 minutes
  • Maximum take-off weight of 3600 pounds


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