Gear rental for our regular jumpers

Parachute GO Skydive offers its regular jumpers a whole range of rental equipment. We have several sizes available, ranging from 189 square feet to 280 square feet, to allow you to gradually and safely evolve into the sport. You will have access to student sails for beginners and intermediate canopies.

Characteristics of our rental equipments:

  • All equipped with Vigils
  • Harnesses manufactured by UPT and Flying High
  • Navigator and Silhouette canopies for beginner jumpers
  • PilotSafire and Sabre1 canopies for intermediate jumpers
  • Reserve canopies manufactured by Performance Design

GO Wingsuit School - Parachute Gatineau-Ottawa Skydive


Parachute GO Skydive offers certified jumpers the possibility to learn how to safely fly with a wingsuit! Whether you wish to be introduced or improve your flying skills, come and meet our instructors certified by Phoenix-Fly.

The following prerequisites are required:

  • B CoP
  • 200 jumps (Current jumper)
  • Have a stable canopy (Non elliptic, minimum of 135 square feet)
  • Have an Audible and a helmet
  • AAD is mandatory for all jumpers

Rates for our Wingsuit training:

The wingsuit training requires a ground training and only one jump. However, we recommend two jumps with your coach.  The first jump will serve to introduce you to the basics of wingsuit flying and provide your wingsuit certification. The second jump will aim to improve your flying posture and skills.

  • Fees for Wingsuit training :  150$ *
  • Wingsuit Coach Jump :  113$ *

*  These prices include Student and Coach jump fare, wingsuit rental and the coaching. Prices before taxes.

Wingsuit Rentals:

Following your training, you will be able to rent a wingsuit from us.  All of our wingsuits are adjustable and fit the vast majority of jumpers!

  • Wingsuit rental price:  20$ per jump (+ taxes)
GO Wingsuit School - Parachute Gatineau-Ottawa Skydive


Parachute GO Skydive offers you 2-way-FS and FREEFLY coaching jumps for all levels of experience (beginner, intermediate and advanced). Come and see our trainers to customize your training jumps so you can reach your goals!

GO Wingsuit School - Parachute Gatineau-Ottawa Skydive


Parachute GO Skydive offers several services to licensed skydivers. In the packing area, there is a rest area with a TV on which you can see the exploits you have made in the sky. Our huge packing area allows you to pack in peace and relax with other skydivers before your next jump!

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You want to take advanced skydiving classes? Visit our page on the trainings that Parachute GO Skydive offers you.


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